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The REAP Curriculum

REAP is a horizontal education program that covers a wide variety of disciplines within the major real estate models. It is constructed as a 10 week, 20 class program taught in the Spring or Fall.

The business of real estate is fundamental-increase value either through development, re-development or acquisition/disposition. Its core foundation is mathematical:

Value = Net Operating Income / Capitalization Rate
Value = NOI / Cap Rate
Value = NOI / Risk

There are courses fundamental to every REAP class
• Financial Analysis, Valuation and Budgeting
• Asset Management/Property Management
• Brokerage/Investment Sales
• Development
• Market Analysis
• Leasing and Lease Analysis

These courses are taught within three basic models of real estate:
• Office/mixed-use
• Retail/shopping centers
• Multi-Family

In addition, sponsors such as Wal-Mart Realty, McDonald's, Sperry Van Ness and Westfield teach courses highlighting their development/management strategies.

There are two text books typically distributed to each class:
• Investing In Retail Properties (ICSC)
• Professional Real Estate Development (ULI)

Instructors are generally senior practitioners in their firms and have at least 10 years of experience in management, leasing, development, and related fields. Alumni, mentors, and veteran industry professionals who provide a responsive ear, on a regular basis, on how to deal with the challenges of working in corporate real estate, and how to formulate and reach realistic career goals.



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