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New York Classes

The 2011 REAP NY class brought considerable real estate experience to the classroom before the program began. So REAP became advanced studies for many of the students and gave them perspective on the NY real estate industry they wouldn't have found elsewhere.
An exceptional group made more exceptional through REAP.


Download a biographical synopsis of the class as well as contact information. (PDF)


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REAP Applications

Abiola Ayinde Dion Keene Franklin Montero Ines Saldana-Oleson Irene Chen
Jamar Arbello Jason Grant Jennifer Hsu John Gilmore John Levar
John Tandana Joseph Moreno Joshshina McGlotten Karen Gray Keira Gomez
Kendrick Harris Michael Gittens Natalie Hooper Russell Washington Ryan Rodriguez
Shanel Curry Siree Morris Susana Tsao Todd Wiley Todd Wiley


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