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REAP has much on the horizon for 2018

In keeping with the theme of expanding into “new frontiers,” plans are moving forward to host “Town Hall” meetings across the various REAP cities — wherein alumni can come together with REAP’s Executive Director, local planning directors, and advisory committees. These town halls in each of the operating REAP markets will allow leadership to share the current state of REAP operations and speak to market-specific opportunities, as well as allow alumni to exchange ideas regarding alumni engagement and REAP strategy moving forward.

With each year and each successful program, the REAP network grows. In 2018, our mission continues to strengthen the connectivity of the REAP community, particularly through engagement in the social media space. We encourage REAP alumni and supporters to connect with REAP on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@projectREAP) and to register on the REAP Alumni Connect network at:

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