REAP Supporters and Sponsors

Atlanta - 2011
Atlanta - 2012
Atlanta - 2016
Chicago - 2013
Chicago - 2014
Cleveland - 2012
Cleveland - 2013
Cleveland - 2015
Columbus - 2014
Dallas - 2015
Los Angeles - 2011

Los Angeles - 2012
Los Angeles - 2014
Los Angeles - 2015
New York - 2011
New York - 2013
New York - 2016
Washington DC - 2013
Washington DC - 2014

REAP Fall 2016 Program Sponsors

REAP (Real Estate Associate Program) is the commercial real estate industry's leading diversity program bringing the country's most talented minority professionals into the world of commercial real estate.

10 weeks

Held in the country's major markets

Complete immersion in real estate concepts and principles

Teachers are industry leaders in the market's most prominent companies teaching financial analysis, market analysis, brokerage, asset management, leasing and development

Students go through a screening and interview process to determine eligibility

Supported by the industry's major trade organizations

Sponsored by the world's most prominent real estate companies

REAP graduates often enter the commercial real estate field upon completion of the program largely as a result of the contacts made while a REAP student

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